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Paddy McCarthy

It seems hard to believe that it all started ten years ago when my partner Hank McQueeney and I decided to launch a bi-monthly magazine just at the time when magazines were going out of business. Well, here we are now, after a lot of pushing and shoving to bring out what you would call a genuine Irish American magazine, which we did as you can see. I know people were very skeptical about what we were doing and I know it took a lot confidence to have people accept that we were real and a lot of convincing to persuade people to understand that this is a very difficult business.

Before I go any further I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the McQueeney family as Hank, my partner, passed away on November 18th, 2006 and is sadly missed by me personally. As well as partners we were great friends and we also traveled all over the world always promoting our wares. Thanks Hank!

I know when they say you can't do it, it?s impossible, you haven't got the money, you need lots of experience, you need to be college educated and reared up in this business; well let me tell you, don't ever let anybody tell you what you feel in your heart since you can indeed do anything so long as you put your mind to it.

The first thing you need to do is build a good staff around you and find clients who have confidence in supporting you and your ability to support them. There is a great saying: ?give a little and you will get a lot? and it?s amazing how it all works from there on in.

The one thing about being Irish and Irish American is that we are a wonderful race of people no matter what field we are in. Whether it?s politics, business, entertainment, arts or the sciences, we are always in the thick of it and, right up there on top is a person with Irish heritage. Isn?t it amazing? Success comes with a lot of hard work and perseverance and treating people with a little bit of common sense to go along with it.

I am not going cry into my soup about where I come from because I am so very proud that I did come to America and got the chances I did when I came over. I will always remember with thanks, that a great man called Joe Murphy lent me his guiding hand.

I am from a family of ten: eight boys and two girls though one of my brothers Thomas died from TB when he was only two-years-old since, at that time the cure was yet not found.

We lived in a small house with army coats thrown over the beds as blankets and we took our turns to eat though there was not very much at the time; mostly it was bread and butter if you were lucky and sometimes we would borrow butter, sugar, milk and tea from a neighbor - that was simply what we used to do, swapping from one another a little bit here and a little there surviving with basically nothing, though we lived to tell it.

My father, Thomas McCarthy, worked for CIE in Cork for very small amount of money at the time so when my brother Joe and myself were almost 14-years-old we had to go out and work, and work we did to help the family. One of the jobs I had was bagging manure, yes, the same stuff that the farmers put in the soil. Now you can imagine when I got home it was not a very pleasant aroma huh? But we were happy and that?s what its all about. I missed my chance for college and had to motor on and hope for the best. Now that?s enough about me, except that I almost forgot: my mother?s name was Christina (Chrissy Mac) and let me tell you, she was the iron fist behind us, and what a woman she was!

Now back to what I should be talking about: our magazine, Irish Connections, is a bridge to the Irish Community intended as a people-style publication that would serve as the definitive source book to Irish culture. For the millions of people throughout the world, Irish or otherwise, who share a passion and love of Ireland and its extraordinary culture, Irish Connections provides an opportunity to unite in a celebration of Ireland's greatest ambassadors; its artists, actors, athletes, celebrities, humanitarians, businessmen and women, musicians, politicians and writers, as I think you can see when you look at the magazine down through the years.

I could go on forever thanking people but, as you all know who you are, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for having faith in me and for the support you given me. I can?t repay you enough as this is your magazine as well as mine.

I hope you have enjoyed what we have achieved for the last ten years as much as we have enjoyed it and to my staff I would just like to say that I would be nowhere without you; from the editor to the writers, designers, photographers and contributors, thank you for been part of this history and

I hope that you?ll continue to be part of the future. I hope I have not left anybody out, as it?s important to me. I thank everybody who has stood by me and, for the advertisers, sponsors, subscribers and distributors, I?d just like to say that, without you, we would not be here.

Go raibh mile maith agat!

Paddy McCarthy - Publisher

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